Mobile Tech For All [モバイルテクノロジーで世の中をもっと便利に、もっと楽しく]

Mobile Tech

For All

Mobile technology for a more convenient

and fun society

Our Mission

Mobile Tech For All

Yappli is a service that develops apps without programming. App development had been a high hurdle, but Yappli has made this drastically easier, enabling various companies to manage apps. In this age of smartphones, a stream of services that change the world is born from apps. We believe “app technology” that creates new digital experience is behind this trend. By making it easier to develop apps, we aim to create a platform that enables various companies to access app technology and makes people’s mobile life more convenient and comfortable. Please look forward to the challenges of Yappli.


Over 450 customers!


Yappli is chosen for its performance in smartphone app development.
We accelerate mobile strategies of many companies.


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