Company Overview

Company Overview
Company name
Yappli, Inc.
Yasubumi Ihara
41F Sumitomo Fudosan Roppongi Grand Tower,
3 Chome-2-1 Roppongi, Minato City, Tokyo 106-0032
Osaka office
27F Namba Skyo,
5 Chome-1-60 Nanba, Chuo Ward, Osaka, 542-0076
Fukuoka office
1 Chome-1-29 Daimyo, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka, 810-0041
Paid in capital
2,944 million yen
Management Team
YJ Capital Inc.
Shogo Kawada(Founder of DeNA)
ITOCHU Technology Ventures, Inc.
SMBC Venture Capital Co., Ltd.
Eight Roads Ventures Japan
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Message from CEO

代表取締役 庵原 保文 [YASUBUMI IHARA]

Representative Director YASUBUMI IHARA

It has been 10 years since the iPhone was born. The smartphone revolution has drastically changed the world in this past 10 years. Innovative companies such as Uber, Instagram, LINE and mercari have all emerged from apps. App technology has reformed digital experience. Apps not only operate in high speed but also enables access to GPS, cameras and other hardware and offers highly convenient functions such as push notification. Such app performance has changed digital experience in the past 10 years and created a stream of services that change the world.

Yappli hopes to provide such app technology to all companies. Yappli will let companies that do not have their own app engineers easily access app technology and will become a platform that innovates their own company.

Yappli’s clients have expanded to various companies that represent Japan – from popular fashion brands to banks. We are not entrusted to create an app for each customer but sell a platform created with our wisdom by appealing its values. We do not copy or imitate others but subjectively design and develop all services. Therefore, it is our pride that we provide extremely unique and highly competitive products in Japan and also around the world. My one and only goal since the company was founded is to make Yappli successful in the world and let it become a service that contributes to the smartphone revolution in the society. We will commit to product development until this is realized.

The app market size is expected to further expand. In the next 10 years, AI, AR, IOT and other state-of-the-art technologies will be incorporated into apps, thereby creating more innovative services and changing the world. In such world, Yappli will grow into a platform that supports mobile shift of various companies and industries.


Management Team

庵原 保文

Representative Director

Yasubumi Ihara Co-founder, Business

Yasubumi Ihara worked at Yahoo Japan Corporation in media service planning after working at a publishing company. After working as a marketing manager at Citibank, he established First Media, Inc. (currently Yappli, Inc.) with two other members.

佐野 将史


Masafumi Sano Co-founder, UX Designer and Developer

Masafumi Sano joined Yahoo Japan Corporation as a new graduate, where he developed the advanced iOS app and smartphone website for Yahoo!Finance. MITOU Youth Creator of FY2007 H2. UX Designer and Developer.

黒田 真澄


Masumi Kuroda Co-founder, Designer

Masumi Kuroda worked as a production leader at Yahoo Japan Corporation after working at livedoor Co., Ltd. He wrote the efforts of Yahoo Japan Corporation in “Performance Best Practices for Web Developers (published by O’REILLY)”.

角田 耕一


Koichi Tsunoda Chief Financial Officer

Koichi Tsunoda graduated from UC Berkeley and worked at a foreign-affiliated investment bank where he was engaged in the execution of M&A in the investment banking department. When he worked as CFO at manabo, Inc., he mainly handled corporate matters such as financial affairs, fund-raising and legal affairs. In 2017, he assumed the position of CFO at Yappli, and has been a director since 2018.

Executive Officer

Yohei Kaneko Chief Communication Officer

Yohei Kaneko experienced marketing, sales and establishment of new businesses at GMO Internet. At age 24, he started his own business that featured “fashion × Internet”, where he handled fashion media and EC for 11 years. He joined Yappli, Inc. in 2016.

Executive Officer

Takahiro Yamamoto Chief Marketing Officer

Takahiro Yamamoto led the launch of a new data analysis and consulting division at IMJ Inc. (Accenture Group), and overseeed the marketing consulting division as a corporate executive officer. In 2019, he joined Yappli as CMO, and assumed the position of Executive Officer since 2020.

今野 穰

Outside Director

Minoru Imano


Minoru Imano graduated from the Faculty of Law, The University of Tokyo, and worked as a project manager at Arthur Andersen Business Consulting (currently PricewaterhouseCoopers). He has been working at GLOBIS CAPITAL PARTNERS since July 2006. As the Chief Operating Officer (COO), he handles investment in the IT area and is involved in organizational management of GCP.

堀 新一郎

Outside Director

Shinichiro Hori

YJ Capital Inc.

Shinichiro Hori graduated from Keio University, and after working at Future Architect, he worked as a management consultant and was engaged in investment activities at Dream Incubator. He was involved in ¥5 billion fund sourcing and value creation in the investment for local companies in Vietnam. In 2013, he joined Yahoo Japan Corporation, and currently works for YJ Capital (CEO/COO).

岡島 悦子

Outside Director

Etsuko Okajima


Etsuko Okajima became the representative director (resigned) of GLOBIS MANAGEMENT BANK in 2005, after experiencing Mitsubishi Corporation, Harvard MBA and McKinsey & Company. In 2007, she established ProNova and assumed the position of representative director. In 2014, she became the outside director (resigned) for Astellas Pharma Inc. and outside director for MARUI GROUP CO., LTD. She became the outside director for LANCERS, INC. and SEPTENI HOLDINGS CO., LTD. in 2015, and became the outside director for Link and Motivation Inc. in 2016.


Shogo Kawada

Investor, Co-founder of DeNA

Shogo Kawada got his doctor’s degree in engineering from a graduate school at Tokyo Metropolitan University, and after working at McKinsey & Company, he co-founded DeNA Co, Ltd. in 1999 and became its director. He led the establishment of a series of business as COO. He assumed the position of part-time director in 2008 and became an advisor in 2011. Currently, he is mainly engaged in investment and support for start-up companies in Japan, US and Europe.


Ken Asada

Salesforce Ventures Japan Head

Ken Asada graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Keio University and attained his MBA from London Business School. He began his career at IBM Japan as a system engineer, where he specialized in the development and operation of information systems for major telecom and government-affiliated companies. He went on to work as a strategy consultant at IBM Business Consulting Services, before moving to Intel Capital in 2011, where he handled investments in domestic start-up companies. In 2019, he was appointed Managing Director at NTT DOCOMO Ventures, and in April 2020, he assumed the position of Japan Head of Salesforce Ventures.


Takao Ozawa

Managing Corporate Officer of Yahoo Japan Corporation

Takao Ozawa graduated from School of Law, Waseda University, and established Bizseek in 1999. In 2001, he sold Bizseek to Rakuten and joined Rakuten. In 2006, he left the Rakuten Group to take part in many investments and business establishments as a private investor. He joined Yahoo Japan Corporation in 2012, and assumed the position of executive officer and President of Shopping Company in 2013. He was an outside director for Yappli, Inc. from 2013 to 2015. In April 2018, he assumed the position of Managing Corporate Officer and President of Commerce Company of Yahoo Japan Corporation. He is also the Director & Chairperson of Ikyu Corporation, Director of ASKUL Corporation, Director of PayPay Corporation, Director of ValueCommerce Co., Ltd. and Director of User Local, Inc.




First Media Inc. established in Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo


Approx. ¥30 million funded by YJ Capital Inc.


Yappli offered as OEM from “Yahoo! App Engine” of Yahoo Japan Corporation


Service enabled for Android apps



Office moved from Aoyama to Roppongi



Runner-up in “SLUSH ASIA” Start-up Pitch Contest


¥330 million in total funded by GLOBIS CAPITAL PARTNERS, Salesforce Ventures, YJ Capital Inc. and private investor Shogo Kawada


Received “Amazon Web Services Award” in “Tech in Asia”


Office moved from Roppongi to Akasaka



PrivacyMark acquired


Collaboration with Chiba Bank in FinTech business


“Yappli Summit 2016” held as the first company event



Adopted effect measurement and analysis tool AppsFlyer and started “Yappli customer attraction support service”


Company name changed to Yappli, Inc.




Coordination with Salesforce Marketing Cloud


Approx. ¥670 million in total funded from GLOBIS CAPITAL PARTNERS, the lead investor, and also ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation, YJ Capital Inc., Shogo Kawada as well as bank loan from Mizuho Bank.



Office moved within Akasaka


Office opened in Umeda, Osaka


“Yappli Developers Site” made available


Osaka Office moved from Umeda to “WeWork Namba Sky O”



Acquired “GMO App Capsule” of GMO TECH, Inc.


Office opened in Daimyo, Fukuoka

Tokyo Office moved from Akasaka to Roppongi 1-chome

Approx. ¥3 billion funded from Eight Roads Ventures Japan (former Fidelity Growth Partners Japan), the lead investor, and also from SMBC Venture Capital, third-party share issuance to existing shareholders (GLOBIS CAPITAL PARTNERS, YJ Capital Inc.) and debt finance from Mizuho Bank, Resona Bank and Japan Finance Corporation.